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Изображение продукта Roland S-4000S-3208 32x8 Modular Stage Unit
362590 руб
The S-4000S-3208 has 32 inputs 8 outputs and is typically installed at stage side.
Изображение продукта Roland S-4000S-0832 8x32 Modular Stage Unit
255590 руб
40Ch I/O modular rack configured to be used at the Front of House position for connection to a mixing console with ordinary XLR cables.
Изображение продукта Roland S-4000S-MR Digital Snake Modular Rack Chassis
107590 руб
Modular rack chassis with no preinstalled In/Out modules.
Изображение продукта Roland S-4000H 32 x 8 Front of House Unit
107590 руб
The S-4000H has 8 4 line level inputs, 32 4 line level outputs and redundant Ethernet connectors.
Изображение продукта Roland S-2416 24x16 Stage Unit
206590 руб
24x16 Stage Unit
Изображение продукта Roland S-1608 16 x 8 Stage Unit
108590 руб
S-1608 Digital Snake System stage unit
Изображение продукта Roland S-0816 8 x 16 Front of House Unit
97590 руб
S-1608 Digital Snake System front of house unit
Изображение продукта Roland S-0808 8 x 8 Input / Output Unit
91590 руб
New possibilities in multi-channel audio distribution
Изображение продукта Roland S-4000M REAC Merge Unit
104590 руб
Enable new Digital Snake possibilities by merging up to four REAC devices.
Изображение продукта Roland M5000-22416 64x48 Digital Mixing System
This system is an ideal solution for a monitor or FOH setup with an expanded amount of physical outputs, 48, and 64 physical inputs. The system consists of the configurable M-5000 OHRCA console and two S-2416 Digital Snake heads delivering pristine 96k audio end to end.
Изображение продукта Roland M5000C-22416 64x40 Digital Mixing System
With a powerful engine built into a compact frame, this system is built for productions on the go. The system consists of an M-5000C OHRCA Console and one S-2416 Digital Snake head. An affordable, 40x24 entry into the OHRCA family.
Изображение продукта Roland M5000C-12416 40x24 Digital Mixing System
This system, built for small spaces, boasts all the power of the original M-5000. Included are two S-2416 Digital Snake heads creating a 64x40 I/O count. A system perfect for theater or broadcast applications.
Изображение продукта Roland M200i-EXP 40x22 Digital Mixing System (iPad not included)
This system is a great solution for most ensembles or bands in any application. The M-200i provides 32 mixing channels that easily supports the inputs from the S-1608 stage side along with the 24 onboard inputs at the console. Ideal for a group consisting of the typical drums, bass, keys, guitars/vocals configuration. The system consists of the M-200i V-Mixer and one S-1608 Digital Snake – which can be placed beside the console or up to 330 feet away.
Изображение продукта Roland M300-STD 44x26 Digital Mixing System
This configuration is a rock solid standard configuration delivering ability to pull from 44 inputs and send to up to 26 outputs if needed. The system consists of the M-300 32-Channel V-Mixer and two S-1608 Digital Snake heads.
Изображение продукта Roland M48-P8 Personal Mixing for Eight (Add-on)
This package is ideal to add personal mixing for 8 people to any other REAC system package. The system consists of eight M-48 Personal Mixers and an S-4000D Splitter and Distributor.
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